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Multi Family Developments &
Real Estate Development

Looking for top commercial and residential real estate development contractors in British Columbia that would increase the value of your investment and play a crucial role in the prosperous transformation of the communities?

Horvath Bros Properties has 10+ years of experience in multi family developments & real estate developments in both urban and suburban areas. Our years of experience enable us to involve best architects, asset managers, project managers and construction team to successfully execute acquisition and development of property.

Transparency & Integrity

Real estate development is a risky, complicated and lengthy process. Throughout years we have acquire enough knowledge and expertise to identify opportunities and complete project within time and budget. We use durable and lasting construction materials to ensure safety and longevity of your investment.

add value to your home

We can help you with any residential and commercial real estate project listed below

Residential real estate

  • condos
  • apartments
  • townhouses
  • duplexes
  • vacation homes
  • multi family homes

Commercial real estate

  • strip malls
  • office buildings
  • educational buildings
  • medical buildings
  • hotels
  • warehouses


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